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What is it?

School Asset Manager is the only complete school asset management system to use the latest in cloud and mobile app technology. Combining QR asset tagging, scanning, document and media storage, network management and help-desk.

School Asset Manager offers the ultimate in flexibility to allow any school to benefit from a tailored and unique asset management solution.

How does it work?

School Asset Manager combines state of the art QR code scanning tags, a powerful mobile app driven platform with cloud hosted online reporting tools.

This gives you the only complete asset management solution for education.

What are the benefits?

It enables schools to manage all their fixed, mobile, hard and soft assets across Network, ICT, Estates, Premises, Business, Finance and the rest of the school.

Schools see clearly measurable results in cost saving, time saving and transparent accountability.

Every school needs robust asset management

“This is the quickest and easiest way to manage all your hard and soft assets”

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